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Many attorneys try to sell you their services by promising they will get everything you are seeking, no matter what.  When you meet with us, our first goal is to obtain the facts necessary to evaluate your case and then have a candid, yet compassionate, conversation about your possible outcomes.  Getting to know you gives us insight to your challenges.  


Your attorney needs to be honest with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case based upon the facts, the law, and the likelihood of obtaining your desired outcome. 


Our primary role, as your attorney, is to present you with your options, based upon our education and collective experience of over 56 years of practicing family law.  We provide strategy and guidance through each phase of your case.  Our approach is friendly, yet analytical, which enables us to help you achieve favorable results in both collaborative agreements and complex contested litigation.


Our representation also requires you to invest in our partnership and actively participate in your matter.  We commit personal attention to the individual circumstances of your case throughout your matter.  We do this with a high level of service, and the result is a smoother transition into the next chapter of your life.

Thank you for allowing Chaing Anders, Attorneys At Law to serve you.  We are truly grateful.

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"We were blown away by the expertise, professionalism and overall support from Cynthia Chaing, Tammy Womack and the entire staff! We spoke with 4 different attorneys, retained 2 of the 4, before being referred to Cynthia. From the very first conversation we were already more informed on the road ahead then all of the previous attorneys combined. Cynthia is extremely sharp and can pivot under pressure with unusual grace, which was needed in our cases. We highly recommend Cynthia and the entire team!"

Stephen and Briana

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